Time Spent Offline “Liberating”

More and more of us are staying connected to the internet during almost every waking hour, but a Hornsea resident says that a recent month away from the online world was much more bearable than he expected. Tony Shakesby of c says that his time away from the internet was spent on all manner of enriching activities that he would have never returned to if he hadn’t made attempts to curb his web addiction.

Tony Shakesby HBOS creator told that that he decided to take action after realising that he and his wife had spent the vast majority of a night out on their smartphones not talking to one another. “Me and my wife are both avid fans of Facebook, Twitter, various apps and the news sites but we recently realised that our activities had become rather destructive. When we noticed that the first and last things we were doing each day involved the internet, we knew something had to change.” The accountant says that he became much happier with his life during his month away from the net.

“Without social media I found that I was far less concerned with competing with other people’s social lives and wasn’t becoming depressed by seeing ignorant and narrow-minded Facebook posts and tweets. I dug out my old records and books and felt comfortable recreating a time when we weren’t slaves to our phones, laptops and tablets. If I wanted to speak to my friends or family members I called or met up with them. Obviously I had to use the net from time-to-time at work but aside from that it was an entirely web-free month.”

The father-of-three also told us that he was spending much more quality time with his children and wife. “We’ve spent some fantastic evenings together playing games and actually talking. Communication is better than ever and although we have started to use the internet again we’re trying to do so only when there is a good reason to head online. I’m putting my phone in another room when we watch TV together and sleeping much better now that I’m not checking social media feeds before bed. I think the morale of the story is to not allow the internet to be in control of you. The amount of hours I’ve wasted browsing aimlessly is shocking. When you’ve checked your Facebook around 328 times in one evening, you know something has to change.”

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